How We Started

S.L.A.T.E Charity was the logical outcome from a previous project ( ) set up by Writer and Storyteller Michael Kerins from work he carried out in conjunction with then student Nicholai Naumov from Perm Russia. Naumov is now one of the most successful comic actors on Russian Television 

The project attracted international attention and was awarded several prizes including, among others, the prestigious W.E. Upjohn award for humanitarian efforts - the prize included a large sum of money. Kerins and Naumov agreed that the money should be spent on further projects, not only for Russian students but also for street teenagers and a school for blind and partially sighted children. On the advice of Roddy Graham accountant, Michael set about applying for charitable status.

S.L.A.T.E - is an acronym and stands for

S- Scotland

L- Language

A- Action

T- Towards

E- Education

Michael Kerins Writer and Storyteller Scotland

Michael Kerins

                         At Perm Pedagogical University

KERINS                                                             NAUMOV