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KerinsNaumov International Translation Competition 2017 
KerinsNaumov International Translation Competition 2018
KerinsNaumov International Translation Competiton 2019 
KerinsNaumov International Translation Competition 2020

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Our Interpreters

S.L.A.T.E Charity’s logo was created for us by Tony Traynor of  Design and Flexo Ltd in East Kilbride and uses a typically Scottish / Highland / Gaelic font - to emphasise that although we are a UK based Charity, we work primarily from Scotland.

The thistle re-iterates Scotland.

The letter t is sword or weapon shaped to symbolise our fight against poverty - Poverty in knowledge poverty - in material goods and poverty - in the loss of senses.

The reversed letter E expressed in this fashion makes us remember our Russian / Cyrillic commitment - even that we know such a letter does not exist in either English or Cyrillic.

The missing full stop after the reversed E is to remind us that there is no finality in the fight against poverty.

The middle letter A on an old fashioned writing slate sums up what we are about - at the heart of our campaigns - education and knowledge can fight the battle against all kinds of poverty.

Colour scheme of blue and white to mirror the saltire - Our flag.

We decided to include our website address, as this is an excellent route to contemporary sources of information.


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