Vladimir Fofanov
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•  Vladimir Fofanov  


Excellent  worker, very good local fixer, great for getting things done and general helper . He is twice placed as a winner / special merit students in the www.kerinsnaumov.com translation competition. Vladimir has now been appointed judge in the competition.

At Barda with the Adutov family.

Always smart for uni - 

He likes dogs but has a cat.

Red Square in Moscow for the very first time 



* Dear reader,

My name is Vladimir Fofanov. Currently (2012) I’m studying in the 3rd course at the faculty of foreign languages, Perm State Pedagogical University in Perm Russia. This year I had the chance of a life time to work as a volunteer for www.slatecharity.com and Michael Kerins in particular. It was a priceless experience not only in terms of socialising with a native speaker of English and interpreting for him but in learning about burning issues and furthermore in visiting places I hadn’t known existed in my own native city. For instance school 139 for children with impaired vision and The Love’s     Bridge – a special getaway for children and teenagers from poor families. I was struck by the grave situation present in our city. Michael Kerins, who supported by S.L.A.T.E Charity does his best in raising sexual health awareness among the teenagers. His stories, gifts and trinkets also are fundamental to and bringing a bit of happiness to the children’s hearts. I’m very grateful to S.L.A.T.E Charity and to Michael for the work he does here and for the experience I’ve gained.

Since working with S.LA.T.ECharity Vladimir has been invited to interpret at educational conferences in Perm

S.LA.T.ECharity have recently appointed Vladimir to the role of judge in the kerinsnaumov translation contest.