School 139 - Perm Project Manager Matvey Gabov


School 139 -  Perm Region Boarding School for Blind and Visually Impaired

Address: 32, Samarkandskaya Str., Perm 614089 RUSSIA

The number of pupils: 175 (LATEST DATA)

Director:                                                 Tatyana Vitalyevna Alfirenko


Assistant director for educational work: Vera Gerasimovna Busygina



Teacher of visual arts:                            Larisa Gennadyevna Zemereva                 


Teacher of English:                                Natalya Vladimirovna Philippova                                                                  


School 139 adopted by S.L.A.T.ECharity

Over recent years, S.L.A.T.ECharity has grown a deeper association with a school for blind and partially sighted children situated in Perm. The school is called School 139. School 139 cares for a great many children with different levels of visual needs and support.   

Founder member of S.L.A.T.ECharity Michael Kerins – award winning writer and storyteller visited the school for the first time around 14 years ago in 2003. Kerins was overwhelmed by the work being carried out under very difficult circumstances, not withstanding shortages of cash and other material needs but the local climate is so hostile to the lives of the local population who are not visually impaired.

Kerins was staggered by the artwork, skillful drawings and paintings that he set up an Art Show to display the works of the children.  A casual conversation here and a whacky idea there led to a sell-out international art exhibition involving the skills from children from three countries – Russia – Scotland and The Netherlands.

Thanks to the wonderful translation and interpretation of our first project director Matvey Gabov, a second exhibition, this time using only the art works of pupils from School 139, based on Kerins’ award wining story The Varona and The Seagull opened in November 2010.

The artwork depicted seagulls and crows – and opened to great critical acclaim at the Scottish Storytelling Centre The Royal Mile Edinburgh.  Crime writer Ian Rankin opened the exhibition and all monies raised were split between S.L.A.T.ECharity  (School 139) and the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh. A short movie of the same title can be found here and was compiled by S.L.A.T.ECharity’s media expert Aileen Kelly.  Gabov retired from his volunteering duties when his job moved him away from Perm.

Current Project Director Alexander Kurochkin recently received The Red Diploma from Perm State Pedagogical University. Kurochkin has successfully coordinated the latest exhibition which it is hoped will open LATE 2017 or EARLY 2018 at the Scottish Storytelling Centre The Royal Mile Edinburgh.