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Russian Around Scotland is a brand-new agency based in Glasgow. We are a small (or as Scots say, Wee) team comprising of One Scot and One Russian. We have a mutual passion for Travel, Food, Language and Culture. We love sharing (and adding to) our knowledge of Scotland. Although we have been to most corners of the country, there is still lots to see and explore. We have two main aims.


 1. To inspire more Russian speakers to visit Scotland by offering ourselves as a local ‘pal’. This includes providing guide, translation and interpreting services.


2. To develop greater cultural and business links between Scotland and Russia, two countries with a lot in common. 


We have been asked what makes our business different from others who provide translation/interpreting/guiding services. Well we love to go beyond the typical. Delivering tour packages designed with the client’s specific interests and needs in mind.


Touristic – As a local connection we strive to offer clients the opportunity to look beyond the well-trodden path of general tourism packages. We’ve been on the tourist buses and they don’t even begin to scratch the surface. We want to help people explore Scotland’s unique landscape and cities, whilst experiencing it’s famous hospitality and produce along the way. This can include interpreting services as required, depending on the client’s level of English. We can factor in any interests that visitors may have. So if you are a keen photographer, fisherman, theatre goer, or just an intrepid explorer, we can make it possible for you to enjoy your time in Scotland to the fullest. Even when it comes to learning some Scots, tasting the famous Haggis, and actually helped one client source a full kilt outfit.


Professional – Provision of translation and interpreting services for Russian speakers attending business meetings, conferences and events in Scotland. As required this could also include a research function. A key aim of this service is to encourage mutually beneficial trade links and importing and exporting opportunities. Given the close proximity of Scotland’s commercial centres to its areas of outstanding natural beauty, Business Clients will be encouraged to invest time in sampling what Scotland has to offer outwith the Business arena. For example, Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city and is less than 1 hour’s drive from the stunning scenery of Loch Lomond.


Here are a few examples of the types of services and packages we offer.


4 Castles 1 Day – Old Scotland


As the name suggests this is a road trip with a difference. We will show you 4 of Scotland’s most iconic and unique castles. We will create a journey taking you through each castles’ romantic and often bloody history. You will find that these two elements often go hand in hand in old Scotland. The trip finishes with a visit to one of the most recognisable attractions in Scotland, Edinburgh Castle. Our previous guests/clients all put Edinburgh Castle at the top of their list of things to see. Personally, we enjoy the less well known examples such as Hermitage Castle in the Scottish Borders. Atmospheric, often secluded, and with a real sense of history. These national treasure offer a source of fascination for many Russians, given the fact that in ancient Slavic history stone buildings were not commonplace. Couple this with our insights into Scotland’s clans and traditions, and you will have a great time.


Explore the Scottish Wilderness

Whether it’s for one night or a whole week, we encourage everyone visiting Scotland to spend a night underneath the stars. Exploring mountains, lochs, coastline and forests by day, and enjoying a locally sourced (or foraged) meal by night around the campfire. Who could ask for more? Well, add in some Whisky and you have the perfect Scottish cocktail. Scotland’s landscape is extremely diverse. From the relatively mild climes and white sandy beaches of southern tidal islands, to the almost Nordic ruggedness of the Highlands, we just can’t get enough of it. And our Russian guests have been loving it too. Particularly around the Islands of Arran and Skye. Each region and island of Scotland has its own captivating spirit. This extends to language and a broad range of dialects and accents across the country.


The most satisfying thing about it all, is helping others fulfil their dreams of traveling. Scotland is the perfect place for any traveller, and is most definitely distinct from the UK. Breath-taking landscapes side by side with vibrant, lively, cities with great shopping and an awesome events calendar. History and heritage are combined with a modern cosmopolitan culture that is eternally welcoming. Scots are famous for their hospitality and this is one of the key things they have in common with Russians. Scots visiting Russia say that when the Vodka is flowing its just like being back home in Scotland. And when Russians visit Scotland it’s the same story when the Whisky is pouring. It’s no coincidence that the etymology of Whisky and Vodka in their relative languages is derived from Water.



A key motivator for starting this venture, is that we truly believe there is a crucial need for Scots and Russian speakers to become closer. The two peoples share a great deal in their histories and, in actual fact, we would encourage you to research the influence of diaspora in both regions. Scots also have a great appetite for all things Russian. The fascination here is not entirely fulfilled by school curricula or mainstream media. So….Scots are in urgent need of more links with their good pals in Russia and beyond.


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