Rudolph Reindeer Has A Pain Deer William Mitchell


Rudolph Reindeer has a Pain Dear                                                                                                                      (C)   W Mitchell 2016            

Day Seven
Rudolph Reindeer walked around the snowy yard, his chest pushed out and his antlers high. Santa had told him that in seven days’ time, he would lead the sleigh, delivering presents to the children.
As he strutted around Santa’s field, he noticed that snow on one of the trees was disturbed.
Stepping carefully, he saw something in the bushes. Rudolph could see footprints. He followed them to a shelter that was used by the reindeer. 
 Inside, was a container into which Santa’s helpers poured reindeer food, with a figure bent over it.
He said in his bravest voice “Hey, who are you? This is our feeding place.”
The creature said, “I am Reindeer Bully and I am here to lead Santa’s reindeer.”
Rudolph was shocked. “No, I am to be the lead reindeer.” he shouted” Santa has chosen me, and I WILL be the lead reindeer.”
The Reindeer Bully galloped across the snow.
Rudolph trotted to Santa’s workshop to tell him about the Bully.
Santa told Rudolph, that bullies never win. Santa wouldn’t listen to Reindeer Bully if he asked to be lead reindeer. 
 Rudolph found Mummy Reindeer and told her about his day.
Mummy Reindeer explained that bullies never win and boys and girls should always tell Mummy if anyone tries to bully them.
Could you help Mummy to tuck Rudolph in to his warm bed? -Night, Night

 Day Six
The next day, Rudolph practiced for when he would lead the reindeer.
 He wanted to make Mummy Reindeer and Santa very proud.
He ran this way and that, slowing up for turns, swooping down and then higher, as if he was really flying. Of course, he wouldn’t be able to fly until Santa had sprinkled his magic on all the reindeer.
Suddenly he saw a pile of broken branches. He was moving too fast to stop and he crashed into the pile with his front legs.
”Ooouuuuchhh!” He cried out as the pain was sore and he tumbled over.
As he looked up, he could see the Reindeer Bully’s eyes looking at him. The Bully’s voice cackled, and Rudolph heard him say.
“Ha -Ha, you appear to have had an accident. So, I will need to be the leader.”
“Oh no you won’t” cried Rudolph, “I will be the leader. The boys and girls will help me, and I WILL be the reindeer leader.”
 Reindeer Bully turned around, and trotted off, pleased with his days’ work.
Poor Rudolph hauled himself up and limped back to Santa’s warehouse.
Could you, ask your mummy or daddy if they have a plaster that you can put on Robbie’s sore leg? Then go to sleep and see how he is in the morning – Night, Night

Day Five
Hoorah you have mended Rudolph’s leg.
Rudolph’s leg was stiff, and it was ok to walk and run about on.
“Phew I will be able to be the leader.”
He trotted towards the river brushing against the trees. The snowflakes danced in front of his eyes then disappeared.
As he skipped along, he felt that he was being watched. 
He was becoming excited as the days passed, towards Christmas Eve.
When he came to the river there was a pile of stones in the path. “I can jump straight over them.”
He ran towards the pile of stones, sprung into the air and heard an almighty “CRACK” as his head hit against a branch and he landed on the path.
He was dizzy. He got up on all fours and could see the eyes that belonged to Reindeer Bully, who had put the stones there.
Rudolph heard him “Oh dear, Rudolph won’t be able to lead the reindeer. It will be Reindeer Bully who will be leading the pack.”
Rudolph shouted “Oh no you won’t, Reindeer Bully. Santa has chosen me.” 
Rudolph made his way back to Santa’s warehouse. His head hurt so badly.
He found Mummy Reindeer and told her the story of how Reindeer Bully had put the stones in the path to make him jump and hurt his head. That night she tucked him up in bed and kissed him.
Could you, ask mummy or daddy if they have a soft cloth that you could rub on Rudolph’s bump?
He will go to sleep. We will see how Robbie is in the morning. Night, Night 

Day 4 
Hoorah, Rudolph had a good sleep and his bump is all better thanks to you.
Mummy Reindeer had looked at Rudolph’s head and told him that he would be fine to lead the reindeer.
He trotted off to find his best friend Ralph to tell him about the last few days.
Near to where Ralph plays, Rudolph saw the eyes following him. He carried on to, find Ralph. The eyes seemed to always follow him.
Rudolph said in his loudest voice “I know you are there Reindeer Bully. I know what you are doing, and it won’t work. “He carried on, to find 
Ralph and the eyes followed. Rudolph started to trot faster. Nothing worked. No matter how fast Rudolph galloped the eyes were still there.
Then he heard the Reindeer Bully’s voice “I will take your place on Christmas Eve. I will be the Number One reindeer.”
Rudolph became angry and he chased the Bully. He could see the Bully in front of him, but he couldn’t catch him.
Suddenly, Rudolph felt a pain in his hoof and stumbled over. He saw the Bully disappear and couldn’t do anything about it. He was in the pine forest. His Mum had told him not to go into the pine forest as the pine needles could stick in his hoof. He now had pine needles painfully stuck in his hoof.
Rudolph could stand on the hoof that was aching and hobbled out of the forest. He stumbled on three hooves back to Santa’s workshop and his fourth hoof hurt.
He told his Mum and she understood. He had rushed into the pine forest because he was angry.
Could you, ask Mummy or Daddy for a sewing needle or a pair of tweezers to take the pine needles out of Rudolph’s hoof?
Mummy Reindeer can put some magic cream on for you to rub in. Night, Night

Day 3.
 Rudolph’s hoof is tender from the needles you helped pull out.
 The Reindeer Bully wasn’t going to catch him out again. He would be on his guard.
Rudolph gathered some things to make a present for his Mum. She had been very kind to him and sorted out all his pains.
There would be acorns and berries by the river he could gather and make into a Christmas decoration.
The sun was shining, and he was happy. Two more sleeps until he would lead the reindeer.
Suddenly the Reindeer Bully jumped out of the bushes and demanded to know where Rudolph was going. 
“To the river to find acorns and berries to make my mum a present.” blurted Rudolph. The Bully stared at him and said “Santa won’t want a silly reindeer leading his pack. He will want Reindeer Bully to lead them.” 
Laughing, the Bully dashed off. So fast that Rudolph didn’t see his exit.
“That Bully has tried to stop me for 4 days now and he hasn’t managed it so far.” He headed for the river. The clear water had mixed with the rapids and it made it foamy. Rudolph was going to enjoy today.
He picked coloured berries and tucked them into his cheeks. He saw acorns at the river’s edge and approached, where they lay. He tucked an acorn in with the berries. As he picked another acorn, he felt a push, lost his balance and fell into the water. He was shaken as he spluttered in the coldness.
He saw Reindeer Bully laughing as poor Rudolph scrambled to safety. “That should do it. “The Bully said.
Rudolph was shocked and shivered on the bank for five minutes before making his wet, way home.
He explained to Mummy Reindeer. She wrapped a warm towel around her precious boy then sat him by the fire. At least he had saved his berries and acorns. He would be able to make his mum a lovely present.

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(C)   W Mitchell 2016