Polmont Young Offenders made chess pieces and exchange art with two of S.L.A.T.E Charity’s partners


Governor at HM YOI, Kate Donegan, said: "This partnership unites two vulnerable adolescent groups of different nationalities and brings educational and recreational benefits to each of them.  A simple game of chess can be a welcome distraction to young Russian people who are disadvantaged in some way; whilst the male population at HM YOI Polmont can utilise the opportunity to work towards an educational certificate from the SQA.

enjoy our photos Polmont and some art from SCHOOL 139 a Russian Prisoner made the gem dust landscape

S.L.A.T.ECharity is delighted with the continued interest and support for our work from both Falkirk District Council Library Support for schools and The Assisted Living Unit at Polmont Young Offenders Institution Falkirk

Michael Kerins founder S.L.A.T.ECharity and Yvonne Manning Falkirk District Council with inmates and artworks  Our_People_Michael_Kerins.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0