Our Interpreters

Many of our interpreters are students at Perm State Pedagogical University - they study English, principally on two separate levels - To become English teachers and or Interpreters and Translators.

Others from Perm State University: Perm State Technical University: Higher School Of Economics

Other Interpreters are social acquaintances of Michael’s Naomi’s Melanie’s and of course Dominic Becher (Leipzig) Frances Logan, Ian  Ferguson, Dominic Kerins, Rona Barbour


About our Interpreters


Nicholai (Kolyan)

Alexi - Alexander - Anton - Boris - Egor - Matvey - Mitya -  Michael

Alby - Darya - An - Alena - Sofia - Olga - Olga and another Olga


Football: (Amkar)

Social:  (Big Yuri’s )

             (Victor Gregorevitch)

             (Lev and Oksanna)

Cultural:  Ballet Concerts

Russian Life:  Illynski Barda Moscow

Our Interpreters

make everything possible

Nicholas Naumov 
Preferred Interpreter 
Actor co-founder of the original projects including Mother Tongue and the inspiration behind the condom programNicholai_Naumov_-_Kolyan.htmlNicholai_Naumov_-_Kolyan.htmlNicholai_Naumov_-_Kolyan.htmlNicholai_Naumov_-_Kolyan.htmlNicholai_Naumov_-_Kolyan.htmlNicholai_Naumov_-_Kolyan.htmlNicholai_Naumov_-_Kolyan.htmlNicholai_Naumov_-_Kolyan.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5shapeimage_4_link_6

Albina Adutova

Interpreter and Business-woman, worked very well with Love’s Bridge Orphanage and Street Kids’ Shelter. Graduate of Perm              State Pedagogical University. Also a former student of Lucy Gasheva.

Alena Semerikova

Excellent working with children and street teens. She graduated from Perm State Pedagogical University June 2010

Speaks Spanish

Daria Romanova 

student from Perm State University previously a pupil of Lucy Gasheva and excellent for shopping and market trips.Darya_Romanova.htmlDarya_Romanova.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0

Ana Prosvetova

Interpreter is a graduate of Perm Pedagogical University and great with Business English and in formal surroundings.

Anton Fedorov  

Preferred Interpreter

Excellent working and business English lived in Kansas and is a former wrestling champion. 
Matvey Gabov 

Preferred Interpreter /Project Director

Project Director School 139 graduate Perm State University, Matvey is now a businessmanMatvey_Gabov.htmlMatvey_Gabov.htmlMatvey_Gabov.htmlMatvey_Gabov.htmlMatvey_Gabov.htmlMatvey_Gabov.htmlMatvey_Gabov.htmlMatvey_Gabov.htmlMatvey_Gabov.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1shapeimage_15_link_2shapeimage_15_link_3shapeimage_15_link_4shapeimage_15_link_5shapeimage_15_link_6shapeimage_15_link_7
Mitya Kruze 

Preferred Interpreter 

Musician, Songwriter, 

Excellent with street teens Dmitry_Kruze_-_Mitya.html


Dima  -        Alexi


Alexander Ulm

football enthusiast - Lived in America for a long time .

He is thought to be back in the USA

Nickolay Delidov 

Preferred Interpreter and  prize-winner of the international translation competition. Nickolay plays piano and sketchesNicholai_Delidov.htmlNicholai_Delidov.htmlNicholai_Delidov.htmlNicholai_Delidov.htmlNicholai_Delidov.htmlNicholai_Delidov.htmlNicholai_Delidov.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0shapeimage_23_link_1shapeimage_23_link_2shapeimage_23_link_3shapeimage_23_link_4shapeimage_23_link_5
Daniil Popov

Preferred Interpreter

Interpreter and 1st and overall  prize-winner of the international translation competition. 

Preferred Interpreter

Ivan Schekoldin
Preferred Interpreter 

Excellent English and Former prize winner of KerinsNaumov  Winner of Red Diploma from PSHPU. Currently Self Employed Translator 

Preferred Interpreter

Awaiting Photo

Artiom SavitsevArtyom_Savintsev.htmlArtyom_Savintsev.htmlshapeimage_28_link_0