Love’s Bridge 2013


Dear Michael,

Hope you are well. I’m writing to tell you about an event organized on the money you gave us during you last visit, sorry that it’s a little belated.

As usual we asked our children and teenagers what they wanted to do, and from a lot of ideas they chose to go out of town to a ski depot, though not to ski, but to go sleighing in large rubber rings ‘vatrushki’. And so we did. We also set up a picnic there and even smoked some fish, which was a new experience to a lot of the kids. Everybody had a lot of fun going down the hills, enjoying the hot food and definitely having a lot of fresh air!

Here’s what one of the girls, Lena (16) says: ‘I loved out trip to the skiing place. We were sleighing, cooking fish, playing sports games and then we congratulated the guys who had birthdays that month. It was a lot of fun!’

I’ve attached some of the pictures from that day. From all of us here I’d like to thank you and your supporters for this opportunity! And we are always happy to hear from you or answer any questions you may have.

Best wishes,



Rafael Davletov

Love’s Bridge Perm