Ivan Schekoldin


My name is Ivan Schekoldin, 26 years old and about to get my diploma of an interpreter and translator at The Perm Teacher Training University. Actually I got at the Uni quite randomly, because I just needed a higher education and languages were one of my passions, along with psychology and information technology. But all of a sudden I realized that truly liked interpreting: learning languages, broadening my horizon and helping people to understand each other is something that gangs up a good part of my skills and aptitudes. I think that's important for one to have his abilities well applied in his occupation.

If you ask me what curbs an English learner's progress in a non-English speaking country the answer would certainly be: “lack of native English speakers and consequently lack of practice”. That's where S.L.A.T.ECharity in the person of Michael Kerins helped me a lot. But be that only the help with the studies it wouldn't be half as great as it was in fact. Even the unparalleled chance to interpret and talk in English with native speakers is eclipsed by the opportunity to meet such wonderful and interesting people like S.L.A.T.ECharity activists.

There was something truly unexpected too, namely storytelling and I was lucky enough to find out what it was from a master of it, Maestro Michael Kerins.

All in all, I'm looking forward to making my mark in the field of interpreting and translating which I really enjoy. I hope to have enough opportunities to improve as a professional.