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•  Darya Romanova

Darya Romanova 
Excellent working and business English marvelous for shopping trips and outings to local markets. 

some words from Russian student Darya Romanova
Michael does great things in Russia. To start with, he does a lot to interact with foreigners. Practically every student of any University of school of Perm knows him. 

Michael is famous for sharing the experience, helping to learn English and the traditions of Britain. Being a brilliant storyteller, Michael teaches students to be good and realize the things that they do. Thanks to Michael a lot of social projects took place in Perm, such as: Condom Project, Love’s Bridge and so on and so forth. Michael always holds international competitions for the students and I think this is a nice possibility to practice the language and get professional skills. 
Speaking about my personal experience, we have been friends about 7 years. 

We got acquainted when Michael came to our class in the Lyceum. He told us wonderful stories and even remembered practically each person in the group. After the lesson my friend and I helped Michael in choosing presents. 

We had a nice visit to the Perm Market, which accumulates various cultural traditions and at that time was supposed to be one of the most popular places in the city. Through the years the situation has changed, but our friendship is the same. 

Michael always tells me about the new customs and traditions of Russia and I try to interpret them and vice-versa. I would be very happy to meet him again in our city.   
Darya Romanova. Perm State University 5th year of studying
.DARYA is now living in Germany near FRANKFURT .International competitions for the students, and I think this is a nice possibility to practice the language and get professional skills.