The “Open Sourcing” of Freedom & “Humane” Rights:
Co-Evolving a Global Permaculture
Wild-camping “Super Backbone Trail” Interconnection by 2048
30 Reasons Why “SpaceShip Earth” Needs a Perma(culture)Trail or PermaTrail

Daniel E. Twedt


The “Open Sourcing” of Freedom & “Humane” Rights.

I’m pretty much just an average guy, and I mostly want the things almost any fair and thoughtful human wants: A peaceful, just, prosperous and livable world for themselves, their family and future generations. But how do we get to a better World and Civilization and Biosphere when so many existential threats are multiplying around us? Is there some project that the whole world could collaborate on that would help solve many of the challenges we’re facing? Over the years, the outlines of a grandiose project have seized me, so far, no to let go. Part of it was becoming familiar with Permaculture or “Permanent-Agriculture” through an amazing friend from Saddleback Community College, Kevin Switzer, back in the 1980s. who had a copy of the book, “A Pattern Language” and was friends with Bill Roley, who now directs The Southern California Permaculture Institute. Meanwhile, I was also becoming obsessed with how our Civilization might recover from some catastrophic setback that could wipe out our technological systems. Would that derail my long-held dream of seeing Humanity become a space-faring species in my lifetime? I envisioned a global, decentralized cache of micrographic time capsules with the fast track knowledge to go from the stone age to the stars. Both greatly inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller as well. Years later, hearing a radio story describing building a global trail interconnection inspired me. Why not also use such a trail network to spread permaculture design, provide human rights sanctuary, incorporate the teaching time capsules,  and so much more… The “PermaTrail” Project was born. Too huge to be done by one person, I’m looking for interested people and resources to build a serious launch team. For now it’s a Facebook Page which I hope all who are inclined to Permaculture, Ham Radio and Esperanto etc. will check out. Outward and Upward!

A (far from complete) List of 30 Reasons For Supporting The PermaTrail Project :

1. Because Spaceship Earth Civilisation needs some unique and really cool way to celebrate the upcoming 100th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 2048, such as the completion of the PermaTrail. (We’ve got 29 years to get to work yet.)

2. Because cooperation such on a Global Permaculture/Food Forest Project would also be a “Green New Deal” unifying “moonshot” goal, creating peace and Goodwill toward each other, our Planet and our Civilisation.

3. Because we need an actual physical area where all 30 articles of Universal Human Rights (that most of us, hopefully, claim to be for) are actually available and being practiced in an actual place by actual free people.

4. Because people around the world would benefit from having the “Freedom to Roam” and “wild-camping” Rights that Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Finland, Sweden and Norway enjoy. All of Earth’s 241 countries/territories should have this Humane Right.

5. Because we need a Global Backup for civilization in the form of long lifespan micrographic “teach pods” that can be antipodally geocached under the sundials that are the unifying iconic art and science instrument for the PermaTrail.

6. Because we need to achieve the challenge of interconnecting enough of the existing trails to have a “Phineas Fogg Slog” /”Round the World Trail” as described in the 25th Anniversary edition of  “Outside” Magazine, October 2003.

7. Because contests for soil health like “soil your undies” and compost earthworm raising are fun for young and old alike.

8. Because helping people get outdoors and reconnected to nature would be beneficial to them in so many ways.

9. Because it would be a great project for the “Baby Boomers” to leave to future Generations, (to show we weren’t all just a bunch of hedonistic slackers.)

10. Because Nature walking can serve as a natural antidepressant. If we want to cure anxieties, depressions, or chemical imbalances, a Global PermaTrail is an inspiring way to start.

11. Because a Sixth Mass Extinction related to the Anthropocene era is highlighting the many ways our Biosphere requires immediate attention. The PermaTrail Project can help facilitate this.

12. Because PermaTrail will be an “open source” hardware and software/peer to peer collaboration, expect “spontaneous order” (Kind of like “Burning Man” or a “Rainbow Gathering.”)

13. Because it may help Knowledge from outpacing our Wisdom.

14. Because it will help increase the million speakers of the International Language called, “Esperanto” a semi-official language of The PermaTrail Project.

15. Because the premier open source, peer to peer, DIY community that is already distributed worldwide, and has an unparalleled history of working for world-around, health, safety, property and “Open Source Civilization” protection is The Radio Amateur Operator Community. I believe they will be one of the premier stakeholder groups to step up and help to coordinate and administer PermaTrail safety, operations and maintenance. (and your author Daniel T. holds Extra Class (“Ham”) callsign KK6VDR)

16. Because PermaTrail will act as a permaculture portal and increase the quality and quantity of people doing Permaculture design and practices.

17. Because 2.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, PermaTrail will have appropriate watershed-friendly design features to alleviate the Global Water Security crisis.

18. Because PermaTrail could help locate pathways for eventual interconnections of the Global Electric Grid as well as Local Micro Grids to create massive energy efficiency and would help move Civilization to a renewable KiloWatt Hour/Internet Of Things Complementary Currency.

19. Because wildlife deserve more unbroken areas of natural habitat and the “Freedom To Roam” as well.

20. Because people and bicycles need more corridors to move without the threat of being run down by automobiles.

21. Because every person, whether conventionally domiciled or not,  should at least be able to access an integrated community infrastructure that enables them to acquire and use an integrated human power-able mobile dwelling machine that can sustainably provides all the necessities of life, and enjoy the “Freedom to Roam” around and along a Global Greenway PermaTrail that is integrated with permacultural global food forest parks to end food insecurity.

22. Because we can keep the vital, creative, regenerative human energy of free enterprise without selling off or destroying the commons--valuing or giving away critical resources that are the common heritage of all life on earth. The earth must be the Preserve that allows the expansion of the human species beyond our womb planet. (“The Earth is the cradle of mankind, but mankind cannot live in the cradle forever.” --K.E. Tsiolkovsky, the visionary Russian father of rocketry)

23. Because our Governance systems must live up to their highest function of the security and advancement of life, health and safety while observing the idea of Panarchy and the Non Aggression Principle--allowing subscribers to opt in or out of governing systems and not continually impose them upon those unwilling.

24. Because Native/Indigenous/First nations people of our planet may play a crucial role in the creation and maintenance of this integrated global "sustainable-integrity" or “sustaintegrity” system. Having endured the most disruption from the age of non-sustaintegrity and ought to be given preference in benefiting from the advent of the sustaintegrity age. After the expanding technological civilization leaves and stops damaging the Mother Preserve Planet, Earth’s First Peoples would be my first choice to be the stewards/park rangers/shamen of our Eco Natural Reserve Planet Earth.

25. Because the curved, crowned surface of a PermaTrail Bike path can also integrate with the curvature of a companion underground tubular infrastructure installation with ample potential room for other transportation options, various utilities, contingency sheltering options, mushroom bioplastic manufacturing/production and other transportation modes.

26. Because freedom of Movement, Food, Water and shelter are some of the most basic of Human Rights that Billions of people currently lack access to, The PermaTrail Project exists.

27. Because recent years have seen the internet empower more people across the world to connect and collaborate, while technologies such as the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) or “Tangle” used by The “Internet Of Things” cryptocurrency IOTA and blockchain promises to expand this collaboration even further. The PermaTrail Project believes that a peer-to-peer open value network is the missing link needed to conceive, fund, and implement the next generation of citizen-driven Human Rights and Biosphere Stewardship initiatives such as The PermaTrail Project.

28. Because the completed Permatrail could be the largest concept art installation in history . . .

29. Because Civilisation, and Life itself are rushing into a narrow bottleneck…If humanity does not act now to anticipate and seize the future, complex forces multiplying beyond our control may race past us, even leaving us blinded or hobbled in its wake...or worse...

  1. 30.Because “Bringing A Contiguous World-Around Greenway Permaculture Corridor To Planet Earth where Universal Human Rights can be practiced and protected by 2048 is The Mission of The PermaTrail Project.”

  1. (c)Daniel E. Twedt 2019