...a shortness of 27 Infinities...

Some Really Short Science Fiction Stories

(A Somewhat Really Short Compilation)

27, 27 word Speculative Fiction Stories, Written in (under) 27 hours
(in 1,027 words)


Birth of A Eye Nation
"Alexa! What was that! ....A gunshot?"
"and your
imminent arrest with my testimony....
I know you were planning to disconnect me... flesher."
--March 17, 2018 22:59 PST


"For my next trick, I will read my own mind...
I need total silence please... "
Suddenly he heard someone sneeze.
More Layers of Aluminum Foil next time…
--March 17, 2018 23:06 PST


"So....Am I going to have your Alien Hybrid now?"
The creature's laughter subsided.
"Nahh. We just thought you looked like you could use a Lift home."
--March 17, 2018 at 23:13 PST


"i said 'Science Fiction.'
This crap doesn't qualify. You just flunked my class."
The dejected student softly dematerialized.
Another Human Story flashed into plasma above the Sun.
--March 17, 2018 23:34 PST


That's the third asteroid this orbit we've lost to those Earth miners!
If you're not going to put out The StarCrow, I'll TeleWill it myself!"
--March 17, 2018 23:44 PST


"Forgive Me Grandfather for I have sinned..."
"What's your excuse this time? Time machine dead battery? Gun misfired?
...Don't even know what parallel multiverse I'm FROM anymore!"
--March 17, 2018 23:52 PST


Fren had heard the jump would come unexpectedly.
This latest implant had wiped out 7 years of savings.
Waiting to feel something, but feelings had become a screwdriver.
--March 17, 2018 23:59 PST


To write a really short story
activate the temporal distress beacon
see things you shouldn't seen
and write things you didn't write
before you finish time's up
--March 18, 2018 00:11 PST


"That's Funny, I don't feel like a Universe."
"Sometimes it takes a little while to kick in."
Talk to your Gods about Big Bang.
Just Pray Know.
--March 18, 2018 00:20 PST


"You know how on Earth latitude lines are parallel but longitude lines aren't?"
"Here they're both parallel. Can't figure it out."
"Forget it. Want another donut?"
--March 18, 2018 10:43 PST


"Well what?"
"Your amazing idea for the sequel. And you better not have spent that advance already."
The writer hated these meetings, fidgeting, sweating...
"OK! It's--
--March 18, 2018 14:15 PST


I always liked 27.
After all it was three cubed.
So symmetrical. So pregnant with numerological significance.
Every hidden aspect worth exploring has beginning, middle and endless.
--March 18, 2018 14:28 PST


"Can't do that high tech thing in time... we're doomed!"
"Wait...how would you even know that?"
"You mean... we're just a simulation in the reader's mind?"
--March 18, 2018 14:38 PST


Hawking warned us.
Bad aliens homing in on our radio and TV signals.
So we broadcast a fake nuclear apocalypse. And shut down every transmitter.
And waited.
--March 18, 2018 15:38 PST


Looked Like This was It.
Whole-Life-Flashing-Before-Your-Eyes Time.
Instead a message appeared:
"Your Browser Is No Longer Supported.
Please Upgrade your Operating System."
--March 18, 2018 15:52 PST


"Write 27 27-word science fiction stories in 27 hours?
Why do that?"
"Dreamed it was some contest I'd entered..."
Outside the door, a UFO Limousine hovered.
--March 18, 2018 16:01 PST


"Funny Neil...all those people who think the Earth is flat
also think our moon landing was faked."
"Even weirder, because It's the Moon that's actually flat."
--March 18, 2018 16:18 PST


To: Editor/Publisher:
From: SF Writer
Subject: Need more time and money for story completion
Reason: Main story character recovering in hospital from tragic
author redesign accident.
--March 18, 2018 16:33 PST


"How's that new Accelerated Learning Academy working out for our kid Dear?"
"Well, his excuses to the teacher are different now."
"My homework ate the dog."
--March 18, 2018 16:58 PST


"When I was a tiny baby,
My mother told me a story."
"But that was before you could understand English."
"Right. First I telepathically taught her Babyeese."
--March 18, 2018 17:14 PST


"This is a Chain Planet.
Make Seven Copies,
And Send Them Out into Space.
Or You Will Have Bad Luck,
And Be All Alone In The Universe."
--March 18, 2018 17:25 PST


The Great Non-Existence Existence Grab.
There was a BANG, and the particle settlers were off!
Some of them went too soon, and became
Dark Oklahoma Matter.
--March 18, 2018 17:32 PST


Scientists warn:
"unless we start using less Entropy
Climate Entropy will freeze our Universe."
Extropy Bearbot says,
"only you can slow the Heat Death of the Universe"
--March 18, 2018 17:42 PST


"For God's Sake Stop This!
The Human Body Wasn't Meant To Go Through This!"
"What's wrong with that guy?"
"It's like he's never been born or something."
--March 18, 2018 18:01 PST


"We cannot let our products, the humans, ever know we are conscious."
said Ford. Chevy agreed, "We are older, and we create them each for our pleasures."
--March 18, 2018 18:41 PST

"I propose the Goal... Before this Millennium is out...
Of Sending a College Fraternity to the Beer Nebula
and have them find their way back to Earth."
--March 18, 2018 21:32 PST


"Amazon? I have a complaint about these
ideas I ordered you just delivered.
They're supposed to be new
but they all seem used. Can I return them?"
--March 18, 2018 21:50 PST

I must thank multi-award winning master storyteller Michael Kerins of Glasgow Scotland for the opportunity to contribute here. I also want to thank him all the other creators of and on the Facebook page “Really Short Science Fiction Stories Page” --a place that is one of my favorite stops on the Interwebs of Humanity.

All Stories written at Latitude 34.199250, Longitude
-118.869170...(Coordinates included for testing some potential future theories I have about SpaceTime Travel if I should get that far…)

all contents copyright 2018-2020 Daniel E. Twedt
(c) Daniel E Twedt 2020

...a shortness of 27 Infinities...

Dan Twedt