Molly and Morag meet the Toe-rag  Billy Mitchell

Molly and Morag meet the Toerag                                                                                                                                                                      

Chapter 1
Molly and Morag are little dogs who live in a nice house with a lovely big garden to play in. Their mum and dad make sure that they have a happy life.
Morag is a wheaten Scottie dog and her coat is the colour of wheat, a kind of sandy colour. She is special, as Scottie dogs are usually black or a colour called brindle, a mix of black and grey. She is an independent and stubborn character although she is very sensitive when praised or indeed when blamed for something which has happened. She is funny in her dignified, yet serious outlook on life. She has short legs and only walks or runs when she wants to, not when anyone tells her. She is a good walking companion, when in the mood, and she barks at people passing on bicycles or if she sees a squirrel in the woods. She has a powerful bark for her size, and you would expect her to yap, not bark.
Molly is a rescue dog from a country called Romania. There are nice people in Romania who bought Molly from travelling folk, for one Euro. The nice people who bought her, were part of a charity who look after puppies who don’t have a home.

Chapter 2 
The Romanian people who took Molly into their home, arranged for a doggie doctor called a vet, to check her over to make sure she was healthy, although they, very gently, had to give her some small jags, to protect her from catching any illnesses. Just like your own doctor needs to do with you sometimes. The kind people washed and cleaned her beautiful blonde coat and made her smell nice. They tied a little red bow to her head, and she felt so special.
The charity who look after the puppies have good friends in Great Britain and they arranged for Molly’s passport, which you need to travel from one country to another. She then set off on a big adventure with the nice Romanian people, who travelled with her and some other dogs to find new homes in Great Britain. They travelled through many countries, with stopping places for the dogs to stretch their legs, have lunch and dinners then some playtime.
After two sleeps Molly arrived at her new owners where she met Morag.
At first, neither Molly nor Morag were very sure of each other as Molly was a little frightened from her long journey and Morag was not sure of this other dog intruding in her nice family.

Chapter 3
Over the coming days, Molly and Morag became friends although in doggie world, there always must be a leader. Molly was clever enough to understand that Morag would be the leader of their pack and Morag took to the role with her usual dignified stance. Morag showed her the beautiful big garden that she played in, and the little places they could hide and jump out to bark at passers- by. Molly thought that is was great and loved darting around the grassy lawn chasing Morag and play fighting where she cowered down on her front paws to allow Morag to be bigger than her. Their fighting was always in play and they never bit nor hurt each other.
Morag was a very good teacher and Molly came to love her very much. Molly also learned the commands from her mum and dad, learning that she could please them, for being such a good girl, a doing whatever they asked her to do. Her beautiful shaggy tail would wag happily, whenever they called her name.

Chapter 4
Morag had a secret escape passage from the garden, and she would go off on her own adventures some days, always coming back on time.
She decided to show Molly her secret escape and off they went to explore the countryside.
Morag led the way, through the bushes to the golf course surrounding the house and up to a vantage point where they could see for miles around.
Molly was ecstatic, sniffing rabbit trails, chasing birds, which she was never going to catch anyway, running and jumping then disappearing down holes that other woodland animals had dug.
Morag was always on the alert to any danger from larger dogs. She made sure that Molly was always safe and happy. Morag was a kind dog and she wanted every other dog to be kind too. Her motto was “always be kind” and she knew that if she acted in this way, other dogs may learn to be kind, too.
From their high vantage point and the fact that dogs have wonderful hearing, Morag could hear her mum shouting on them, so she rounded up Molly and headed home.
As they approached the bushes from the golf course, they heard something rustling in the undergrowth. Morag shot a warning look at Molly to stand by, whilst Morag approached the area where the sound came from. She saw a black and tan dog, the size of a Jack Russell terrier, snarling and throwing something in the air. On closer inspection the thing being thrown was a small cooked sausage. Morag shouted, “Hey what are you doing here” and the Jack Russell stopped in his tracks and looked at Morag “none of your business” she responded and continued throwing the sausage. “where did you get that?” demanded Morag “I stole it from a kitchen, it smelled so good and I have not eaten for days”. At that point, Morag realised that this little dog was homeless and had resorted to stealing food. Morag’s motto kicked in and she said, “you don’t have to steal, let us help you” At this, the Jack Russell grabbed the sausage and ran away.
Morag heard her mum shout for them and decided that they had to return home quickly
Molly asked her who that was, and Morag replied “Oh, just some little toe-rag”

The first four chapters - Billy Mitchell (c) 2019