Artyom Savintsev


Artyom Savintsev

I am a former Student of Perm National Research Polytechnic University, recently I’m studying software localization in Germany. I’m also a musician: I play e-guitar and used to sing in a choir in Russia.

I got acquainted with S.L.A.T.ECharity in autumn, 2014 when I won a prize for translating. In 2015, at the beginning of my second academic year, my teacher of English Phonetics asked me to meet the founder of S.L.A.T.ECharity Master Storyteller Michael Kerins at school 77 and accompany him to my university. Since then, Maestro Michael has my become my mentor and comrade.

The highlight of my working experience with S.L.A.T.ECharity was interpreting at the School №139 for blind and partially sighted children. When students at the school presented their artworks to Michael on behalf of S.L.A.T.ECharity, I was very fascinated: the colours used by them were very bright and lively, the most of works seemed very real despite the fact that the creators of these paintings were visually challenged. It really touched my heart. Interpreting for children at Love’s Bridge is also worth mentioning. It was fun to interpret the communication between Michael and the children. A foreigner in Perm is a rare thing even now, so they used their opportunity to ask Michael all kinds of questions. During the working process, I realized that those, who are called “problem kids” in Russia, are not problematic at all.

Michael also coached and inspired me to write my own story. It originally started with my improvisation in the bar over some pizza and wine. When I told Michael my story, he encouraged me to develop it and some time later I participated in a storytelling festival via Skype. It was great to listen to the others’ stories and to tell one of mine.

As for me, S.L.A.T.E Charity and Michael himself are a great example of cosmopolitism. Maestro Michael has visited many countries and knows much about their culture and customs, Russia is not an exception.

Most recently I have been invited to take part in a brand new multi-art form photo-montage project. It is called 47:60 Lens to Pens.

To sum up, I’d like to say that I’m proud that I volunteered for S.L.A.T.E Charity and was part of the work that Michael and his team are doing until this very day. I’m always happy to see Michael in Perm and hope to meet him once again in Europe.