Exhibition ran 6th - 24th November 2018


Scottish Storytelling Centre - 
43 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1sR

Emma Scullion was born on the 10th March 1990 and was sadly taken from us on 3rd November 2015.

Throughout Emma’s young life she was such an inspiration to all who met her, especially her family.

Emma had seven different forms of cancer; the first was diagnosed when she was only four years old. Emma went through life upbeat having got the clear after her first diagnosis. It was shortly after her twenty-first birthday she was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Emma always had a pen and paper in her hand, whether it was to colour in or write down ideas for her amazing, witty and thoughtful poems.

All of Emma’s poems in this exhibition have been inspired through her own feelings, her window on life. Events, which she translated into poetry, meant the most to her, and her very, very special people.

The artwork in the exhibition comes from School 139 in Perm Russia. The pupils at School 139 are all visually impaired, yet Emma’s poems transgress language, cultural, geographical and political boundaries to express what we all have; the human condition.