Ann C.K. Nickell


New Journey

Floating off on the calm sea, pulled out by the tide.

Starting a new adventure with the stars as my guide.

The only sound is the water flowing past the hull.

There is no need for light for the moon is bright and full.

I am on this journey alone, but I am not afraid.

I laid out a divine plan and bowed my head and prayed.

The wind lifts my hair and cools the salt on my skin.

Happiness overcomes me, and I cannot help but grin.

I am free of the chains that held me for so long.

I am ready to write my own story and sing my own song.

Ann C.K. Nickell


I am adrift on the ocean of life, with no wind to fill my sails. Stranded without a breeze or the strong southern gales. I attempt to reach a distant shore, but every endeavor fails. The void is filled with the sound of my bitter, mournful wails.

Ann C.K. Nickell

The World Belongs to You

Reach out into the unknown,

Your dreams are waiting there.

Tuck away all your fear,

It won’t take you anywhere.

Open your mind to adventure,

Prepare for what’s in store.

Traverse a forgotten road,

Walk through the open door.

Ready yourself for battle,

Slip on your armored suit.

Shield your heart from doubters,

Their dread can take root.

Learn to believe in magic,

It touches everything.

Always believe in yourself,

You can do or be anything.

You can have all that you wish,

Your heart’s every desire.

The world belongs to you,

Blaze a trail and set it on fire.

Ann C.K. Nickell

Girl in the Box

The girl in the box cried out for help, but no one heard her voice. They looked past her, unaware, distracted by their own noise. Her tears ran freely, splashing around her, slowly filling the void. Drowning all of her memories of the things she once enjoyed. Her heart shattered inside her chest, each shard as sharp as a knife. Cutting away at what was left of her torn and tattered life. Hopelessness consumed her soul, turning it black as night. Allowing the tendrils of death to creep in, extinguishing her light.

Ann C.K. Nickell

The Phoenix

Burning, tremendous burning,

scorching from the inside out. Thick smoke, blinding blackness,

heaviness choking the airway. Deep pain, intense and extreme,

melting the heart and soul. Powerful will, survival is a must,

strength pounding through every vein. Fighting, overcoming,

refusing to give in to the agony. Clawing, digging a way

through the heavy soot and gritty ashes. Surfacing, gasping for air,

shaking away the embers. Gulping, deep breaths of oxygen,

morphing death into life. Rising again as a new bird, a phoenix so strong,

nothing can burn it again.

Ann C.K. Nickell

  1. (C)Ann C.K. Nickell

From her book Triumph and Tribulation